Prayer Ministry

At Belcroft Bible Church, we are eagerly trusting our lives and ministry to God’s Word through passionate, humble, intercessory supplication for the salvation, sanctification, direction, and the  spiritual strength and physical needs of others. We pray for those outside of our body, as well as all people, missionaries, ministry plans, and endeavors of our body. Thus, we are a church that seeks to perpetually pray in complete dependence, in light of sovereign guidance, for God’s ultimate glory! The priority of this reality is manifested throughout our ministry in numerous ways, such as several purposefully delivered, elder-led prayers during our Lord’s Day worship. It is also manifested in a monthly concert of prayer, where our elders lead individual groups gathered as a congregation through specific praises and requests that range across personal, local, national, and international ministry needs as we intercede on behalf of one another, our missionaries, other churches, our nation, and our lost world.

The elders are committed to praying for our body as a board of leaders and gather together one day each week for at least an hour as they shepherd our congregation through prayer. In addition to our elders’ weekly prayer time, the congregation is broken down into elder-led family groups so that each elder can more personally, effectively, and regularly pray for individual families under his leadership responsibility. Every week the church office receives requests and posts an updated prayer list so that our greater body can be actively interceding for one another and those connected to our ministry. Annually, a missionary prayer calendar is designed for our congregation so that we can continually pray for our missionaries as we bring them and their families before the throne of grace. Prayer is more than an addendum to our ministry but serves as one of the foundational pillars for all that is said and done because without God’s sovereign grace we cannot and will not accomplish anything of eternal impact for His glory.