Homeschool Co-op

To encourage and support families of Belcroft Bible Church in educational activities, to provide opportunities for children to interact with peers and adults in a learning environment, and
to offer a safe and God-centered atmosphere in order to foster growth
in our children—mentally, physically, and spiritually.


The Belcroft Bible Church Homeschool Co-op has been established to encourage the families of the church. In order to join the BBC Homeschool Co-op each family must meet these certain requirements:

  1. The parents of Co-op students must be members of Belcroft Bible Church. This will be verified with BBC Elder Board
  2. Each BBC Co-op family must be in good standing with the church including regular church attendance and participation.
  3. BBC Homeschool Co-op is a ministry of Belcroft Bible Church; therefore, all families are under the leadership and oversight of the elders of Belcroft.
  4. Each family must complete a yearly application to “enroll” in BBC Homeschool Co-op.

Meeting Time

Our Elementary Co-op will meet twice a month on Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. at Belcroft Bible Church. The Upper Level Class (5th – 8th grades) will meet weekly from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. every Friday. Please see the attached calendar for the schedule including weeks off for holiday breaks.


This group will be specifically designed for children in grades Kindergarten through Grade 8. Preschool aged children may be able to participate in some activities with parental supervision. There will also be nursery available for our youngest children.

Parental Involvement 

Parents will be expected to be present to aid in the activities of the students. A parent or 2 will be assigned a table to aid the students during class activities. Parents may also be asked or may volunteer to lead a particular lesson or learning activity. Parents need to try not to visit with each other during times when students or another teacher is presenting. Parents may need to meet the needs of younger children so that the “class time” is not interrupted, and the learners are not distracted.

Weekly Involvement: This is a loose agreement that you will be present as much as possible. There is no penalty for being absent. This group understands that life with children at home happens, and there is a flexibility that is given. However, the learning that will happen within the group will be helpful and beneficial for all with active participation.


There is no fee to join the group. However, there may be an art activity or other lesson that may require supplies that you may need to purchase or supply, or there may be a fee for a particular activity or lesson. We will do our best to let you know as soon as possible.

School Supplies

Please plan to bring these to each meeting for your student…3-ring binder or folder for papers; backpack; crayons/colored pencils; pencils; scissors; glue stick; markers; water colors (We will let you know ahead of time of “extra” supplies for activities.); PLASTIC PLACE MAT

Presentation Time

At each meeting students will participate in presentations. These presentations should roughly be about 3 minutes or less. Topics for the presentations are listed on the weekly schedule. There will be 2 groups to help in the weekly time management. Please pay attention to which group your family is in. See the attached schedule.


There will be sign-ups at different times of the school year for special activities and parties.