Music Ministry

At Belcroft Bible Church, we find much joy in offering our musical and technical talents as part of our worship in a way that leads the people of God to sing to God.  When done right, as we strive to do, this glorifies Him with the fruit of lips that confess His Name (Heb.13:15), it edifies the gathered Church (Col 3:16), and it has the potential to convict those who do not yet know Christ that God is really among us (1 Cor 14:24-25). While our music is contemporary by nature, it does not forget the rich history of the Christian Church and the hymns that have been produced over the centuries. We are mindful and careful to select songs from any era that poignantly and accurately articulate truths about who God is and what He has done and why He is worthy to be praised. For these reasons, our songs are not vague, but specific. We are also careful to select music from sources that would not conflict with our own church’s doctrinal statement. Being that song selection ultimately pays royalties to artists through the copyrighting programs now in use, we see our song selection as a necessary matter of biblical discernment that carries with it pastoral implications.

Along with using the music of many generations, we also utilize many instruments to help carry the truths of the songs being sung. While it varies slightly from week to week, Belcroft Bible Church is blessed to consistently have nearly ten different people serving as instrumentalists and vocalists. Additionally, Belcroft is well-served by their flexible team of sound, video and lighting technicians. Together, the technicians and musicians and vocalists all create a joyous and meaningful time for the congregated church to lift a unified voice of praise, adoration, thankfulness, and confession to their Creator and Savior.