Where We Are Going

Belcroft Bible Church exists ultimately to glorify God through prayerfully trusting our lives and ministry to His will by passionately declaring the Word, personally helping others grow in the Word, and proactively sharing the Word both here in Bowie and beyond as we proclaim the love and truth of Jesus Christ locally and globally!

“Proclaiming the Word locally and globally”

Future / Current Distinctions of/for BBC

  • Praying with joy and urgency
  • Proclaiming the Word with accuracy, compassion, and conviction
  • Growing in Grace and Truth
  • Serving with love and patience
  • Sharing with passion and perseverance
  • Shepherding sacrificially and joyfully
  • Living biblically and courageously
  • Listening humbly and whole heartedly
  • Giving selflessly and cheerfully
  • Submitting eagerly and fully
  • Caring with Christ centered compassion
  • Fellowshipping by and through the gospel