Our Methodology


Trusting our lives and ministry to God’s Word through passionate, humble intercessory supplication for the salvation, sanctification, direction, spiritual strength and physical needs of others including those outside of our body as well as all the people, missionaries, ministry plans, and endeavors of our body. Thus, we are Church that seeks to perpetually pray in complete dependence, in light of sovereign guidance, for God’s ultimate glory!


Declaring the Word of Truth through expositionally driven preaching, theologically grounded singing, grace saturated service, and Christ exalted living, both in and out of the Church, in order that God might be honored in us, as well as use us, to biblically encourage, edify, and exhort all of those we come in contact with.


Growing by the Word in the grace and knowledge of Christ through Scripturally flooded, personally guided, practically applied, and proactive training, teaching, counseling, ministry enlistment, and leadership development that accurately delineates as well as delivers opportunities for believers to fulfill their duty and delight to grow in holiness, to serve with patience, and to share the gospel with passion.


Sharing the Word in the love of Christ through gospel focused, Truth saturated, discipleship connected, Church supported, and sacrificially offered missionary endeavors, outreach events, as well as local and global ministry opportunities that ultimately seek to glorify God through evangelizing the lost, encouraging and edifying the saved, and equipping those called to serve so that the gospel may spread and the church might be strengthened.