The Shepherds Institute

Belcroft Campus

New Testament Survey

Fall 2023

Class Begins
Thursday, Sept 7,
7 pm

This course will give an overarching survey of the New Testament that will walk students through each book and its place in the New Testament canon. This course will focus on understanding the major theme of each book along with the contents, characters, and purpose with attention to literary structure, historical backgrounds, genre, geographical settings, interpretive challenges, and parallel passages. The study is also aimed at both enhancing comprehension and application to issues and concerns of life today in the will of God.

Payment Options

Fees for this class remain the same. You can pay by check in person (see Dave O. or Tim M.) or for your convenience you can pay online. Please note we have added the bank-imposed processing fees to the payment page. Note that there are two separate links, one for audit and one for credit. Click on the appropriate link below. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out directly.