Women’s Ministry

The Priority and Purpose

All for the Glory of God!

  1. To teach and encourage the woman of Belcroft Bible Church to grow in her own personal walk with the Lord through the teaching and studying of the Word of God both corporately and individually
  2. To foster opportunities for the older women and the younger women of the church to interact with one another
    • seeking to behave in such a way that pleases the Lord
    • strengthens the church
    • encourages the family
  3. To elevate the vital role the Christian woman plays primarily to her family in her own home and then beyond (church, workplace, school, i.e. everyday life)

The Methods for Women’s Ministry


In doctrine and in truth

Train & Encourage

In spiritual, relational, and practical


In application at home, in the church, and to others

Women Gatherings

The Women’s Ministry of Belcroft Bible Church gathers at various times and functions throughout the year…these gatherings serve to refresh, encourage and better equip the individual because of time spent in the Word (through teaching or testimony) and time spent with fellow believers in order to serve the Lord as an overflow of her heart as she:

  1. ministers to her family,
  2. serves the church, and
  3. lives in a way that impacts her workplace, school, community, etc.

Facilitator/Coordinator: Kathy Carlisle Meets Thursday nights (during the school year).

Precepts Bible Study is a weekly inductive Bible study developed through the ministry of Kay Arthur. During this time, ladies dig deeply into the riches of God’s Word by first making observations about the specific text; then, learning to interpret Scripture accurately; and finally, growing in how to apply the passage practically.The format of this class includes DVD teaching through Kay Arthur’s ministry followed by an interactive study among the ladies as they work through weekly homework material together.

Facilitator/Coordinator: Dottie Sapper Meets twice in three month blocks throughout the year.

This class is designed to engage women in biblical teaching with personal application. Topics vary, but at the heart, the purpose is to grow women in their personal responsibility to think biblically and critically when faced with living daily as to the Lord while living in the world.

Facilitator: Emmie Marshall

Ladies, who are seeking to gather with other likeminded women with the purpose of Bible study, are welcome to join a group that meets Tuesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in the home of Emmie Marshall. The ladies are currently studying the book of Acts. If you are interested in this study, please contact Emma either by phone (301-912-3132) or email (emmiem@juno.com).

Facilitator/Coordinator: Amy White

A monthly Bible study and fellowship for the women of Belcroft. The purpose is to grow in love and personal commitment to God and His Word along with building relationships between older and younger women within our local body. The studies are designed with homework (personal Bible study) followed by teaching time to expand on the passages that have been studied.

Coordinator: Amy White Meets quarterly.

H.E.A.R.T. (Hospitality|Encouragement|Affirmation|Relationship|Teach) is a new ministry opportunity to encourage relationship building amongst the older and younger women within our church; to teach what is good according to Titus 2; and to grow in creative ways of using our homes and self for ministry and service to our families and to others.

Facilitator/Coordinator: Linda Towles Meets throughout the school year.

This ministry is designed for elementary aged girls (2nd—5th grades). During this time together, girls will learn about how God can use them to serve Him at any age while developing creative and homemaking skills. Girls will be encouraged to think about how ministry does not just happen at church, but that our home is a personal and unique place for ministry as our hearts are full of joy for the Lord.

Upcoming Women’s Events