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A High View of God

Good Afternoon Church, Last week I provoked your thoughts to hopefully consider the reality of the war all of us face every day as we seek to live godly in a godless world. I explained from Scripture how that war for truth is ultimately fought in the mind of man and how one thinks about...


Preparing for War

Greetings in the Name of Our Great God, I pray the grace of God and the love of Christ has already encouraged your heart this day. Navigating the minefield of our world while seeking to maintain a God-honoring life and retaining a biblical perspective is a daunting task to say it mildly. False teaching, emotionally...


Two Reasons Why I am Grateful Today

Good Afternoon Church, I pray the love of God given through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ will warm your heart as you go about your duties on this very cold day. One of the issues we all face as we live, move, and have our being within a sin cursed world is that...


Church is Designed by God

Good Afternoon Church, I pray your heart was greatly encouraged by last week’s installation service, as mine was, through the faithful reminder of the privilege and responsibility that both the pastor and the people have towards each other. My heart has been flooded with many thoughts this week, as I have contemplated the great blessing...


Spiritual Leaders

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I pray that the love of God demonstrated through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ will remind you of how much you have been given and will provoke your heart to purity and praise throughout this day. Well, it looks like we may finally close on the...


I am Not in SoCal Anymore

Good Morning Church, I pray that the boundless grace of God and the steadfast love of the Lord will warm your heart today as you brave the cold and fulfill your duties. Winter has arrived with an attitude, and the frigid temperatures personally reminded me this week that I am not in Southern California anymore....


Beginning the Journey

Good Afternoon Church, I pray you have found the grace of God to be sufficient for whatever this week has brought into your life. As we traverse the journey of life we never know what is around the next bend. As I write this, I am drawing on the many lessons learned, by our family,...


Setting up My Office

Good Afternoon Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I hope your week has been productive and that you have found the joy of the Lord to be your sufficient strength. It has been a very busy week for me, here at the church office. I have officially moved all of my books from boxes to shelves,...


Christmas Thoughts

Dear Belcroft Family, We are excited as our move to Maryland draws even closer this week. Amy and I have been very busy packing up our home in West Virginia and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon everything will be ready to go into the shipping container that will be delivered next week. I continue to praise...


Move to Maryland

Dear Belcroft Family, It is with great joy and a heart full of thankfulness that I send you this greeting as your pastor. I am truly humbled that God would allow me the undeserved privilege of being an under shepherd in His church. Being a shepherd, who follows in the footsteps of the great Shepherd,...

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