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Hello Church,

I pray you are rejoicing today in the abundant and undeserved grace of God given so clearly through the cross of Christ. The eternal gift of the gospel through Christ alone brings with it innumerable blessings that protect and propel our lives forward in godliness as we seek to walk in holiness while living in a world of wickedness. One of those gifts of grace designed by God and delivered by Christ for the manifestation of His glory is the Church! The Bible makes it explicitly clear that the true Church is a major part of God’s plan to bring truth to a world encased by error, to bring the gospel to a people enslaved by sin, and to bring encouragement and edification to believers in order that they might grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. The biblical Church is many things, but without question it is to be a place where believers grow and serve together as they endeavor to worship individually and corporately as a family of God in light of who He is, what He has said, and what He has done and will do! Therefore, as we proactively seek to be a Church that honors God in all things, we must always be striving in our endeavor to be a place where we are growing and serving together!

Belcroft Bible Church: A Place to Grow and Serve Together

The Word of God is irrefutably clear that growing in Christlikeness is not only a sovereign gift of the gospel and one of the main goals of salvation, but also a primary point to the Church’s life and mission. Yet, as one studies the Scriptures, he also quickly learns that this growth in Christlikeness is also inseparably linked to selflessly serving others with the mind and heart of Christ. Growing and serving are two sides to the same coin of maturation in the life of the individual believer which is undeniably linked to the life and health of the Church. This is where doctrine (growing in the grace of Christ) and duty (serving with the heart of Christ) collide into a life that lucidly displays the glory of Christ for all to see! Thus, the Church is to openly and indisputably adorn the doctrine of God in how she lives and serves together, that the world might see a vibrant portrait of the life changing power of the gospel. It is the heart desire of every elder that these upcoming changes would deepen our ability to grow and serve together as we seek to proclaim God’s Word locally and globally.

Actively serving in the body of Christ is one of the great joys, privileges, and responsibilities of every believer. As I have heard it rightfully said, “The Church is called to be a fellowship of people selflessly and humbly giving their lives away sacrificially to one another and to those outside.” Here at Belcroft Bible Church, opportunities to invest our lives selflessly in mutual, loving ministry abound in almost every facet of our fellowship. Children’s Ministry is no exception, providing a multitude of places where God’s people can both serve and be served as they co-labor for the cause and exaltation of Christ. Here are some specific ways in which these ministry transitions will provide a number of openings for all of us to grow and serve together.

1. Sunday Morning Nursery: This is a great opportunity for our body to serve one another as we seek to support our younger families in their endeavor to remain faithful during those early years which can be marked by long nights and little sleep. One mom once told me that the hour and half her child was in the nursery was often the only undistracted time she was given to hear and contemplate the Scriptures for that week. What a privilege it is for us to come alongside a younger family and serve them by providing quality child care for their precious little one so that the parents might be further equipped to raise that little one to love and honor the Lord. At this time we only need a rotating schedule of two adults per week along with our junior helpers to staff our nursery (0-2 years old) every Sunday morning. Please see Jodi Fish or Amanda Berbig for further details and requirements for signing up to serve!

2. Sunday Morning Children’s Church: This is wonderful place to grow individually while personally serving our church family because it is here that you will be given opportunities to interact with the Word of God as you study and prepare to teach it to children. This happens effectively and efficiently through the use of our Children’s Ministry curriculum that is age appropriate. We use Discipleland for the 2-3 year-old class and then we use Generations of Grace for the older children as we seek to plant seeds of the gospel in the lives of our childrenThis is one of those wonderful opportunities that actually provides a consistent way for husbands and wives to serve simultaneously together. Amy and I have done this for many years and look back and see how much serving in Children’s Ministry has helped us grow together in our walk with Christ and in our marriage. At this time, we need a rotating schedule of four adults per week to cover our Children’s Church needs which would include the two different classes 2-3 years old and 4-K. Even if you do not want to teach, but would be willing to help assist a teacher, that would be great as that need exists as well. Please see Ben Peddicord, Alyce Olsen, or Nicole Douglas for more details about signing up to serve. You will not regret it!

3. Hall Monitor: In our restructuring of Children’s Ministry we have taken thehall monitor position and elevated the ministry impact and involvement that position has to help support and serve our teachers and workers on any given Sunday morning or Wednesday night. This is a great place to serve if you are not sure where you would best fit in, but just know that you want to help assist our families as you seek to faithfully obey the clear commands of Scripture where we are all called to be caring for and serving one another. At this time, we only need a rotating schedule of one hall monitor per week to help fill our Children’s Ministry needs. I encourage you to seek out our elder over Children’s Ministry, Ben Peddicord to find out more details on what serving in this capacity entails.

4. Wednesday Night Family Night: The privilege to serve one another during this night of ministry abound whether it is in the nursery, as a hall monitor, as a teacher, or as teacher’s aide who helps with crafts and memory verse time. This is even another time when the whole family could be serving at Church together, what a blessing! I have said it for years because I have seen it happen many times over, if you want grow as a believer, study the Bible and discover how to take what you have learned and teach it to children. If you get involved in Children’s Ministry and diligently study the Scriptures with the aid ofGenerations of Grace, I promise, you will personally grow while you sacrificially serve! This curriculum will help you better understand the Word of God and the God of Word as you see how the story line of Scripture is really a book all about God and His glory. However, don’t just take my word, please personally ask Linda Towels how much she has grown in her understanding of Scripture through teaching through this curriculum in Children’s Ministry this past year. We are in need of 11 adults to fill the Children’s Ministry needs on a Wednesday Night from the Nursery up through fifth grade. We have an opportunity for just about everyone to serve on Wednesday nights either on a rotating basis or as a place to invest your life in the support of families every week. See our Children’s Ministry team for more info about signing up to serve. You don’t want to miss it!

I’d like to extend a special invitation to come learn more about growing and serving with us in Children’s Ministry. This Sunday, Ben Peddicord will be available in the Church foyer along with others from our Children’s Ministry leadership team to chat with you and answer any questions you might have about joining our ministry team. We have clearly developed guidelines, policies, and direction for this ministry and those who serve in it, which makes for a safe and encouraging experience for everyone. If you’re looking for a place to invest your time and talents in the body of Christ, come learn more about Children’s Ministry. It’s a great place to grow and serve together!

For His Glory and Future Generations,

Pastor Matt

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